What's New

15th December, 2017
  • Added ability to merge sub-departments and departments
  • Added ability to mark positions as non-conflicts
  • New “Roster” link in the My Profile page for volunteers
  • Updated interface of the Departments settings area
  • Improved interface for merging positions
  • Minor wording improvement for some access permission descriptions
  • Fixed an issue with searching for people by their giving number when adding a transaction
  • Fixed an issue where inactive volunteers were being included when contacting rostered volunteers
  • Fixed an issue where the “First Name” field was showing a persons preferred name in reports
  • Fixed an issue with filtering by location with service attendance widgets
  • Fixed an issue with people flow access
  • Fixed an issue with calendar events appearing for one day too long
  • Fixed an issue with calendar subscriptions showing events one day off
  • Fixed an issue with the API was breaking group meeting start/end date information
  • Fixed an issue with the calendar not respecting time format settings correctly
  • Fixed an issue with some form layouts not working