What's New

11th January, 2018
  • Added the Dutch (Netherlands) translation
  • Added webcal to list of allowed URI schemes when adding links in posts/pages/emails
  • Added a link to the roster from ‘My Profile’ for volunteers
  • The ‘Volunteering/Account’ section when adding new people now correctly only appears to those with access
  • Fixed an issue with people flow steps not being accessible to admins who should be able to access them
  • Fixed an issue where generating large giving statements would giveĀ errors
  • Fixed an issue with importing csvĀ or text files would give an error
  • Fixed an issue where auto-scheduling individuals wasn’t working correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Add Family’ button not working when generating giving statements
  • Fixed an issue with the Member Area calendar not respecting time format settings
  • Fixed an issue with searching for people by giving number when adding transactions
  • Fixed an issue with searching for people by name in the check-in area