What's New

27th March, 2019
  • Added ability to set a default song length under Settings > Songs, that is used when adding new songs to the account.
  • New templates added for handling SMS Replies if the sender has no email address.
  • The contact people window no longer allows you to schedule an email/sms for a date in the past.
  • Fixed an issue with access to adding/removing people to groups via mass manage.
  • Fixed an issue with assigning people to step admins in flows with entry points set up.
  • Fixed an issue with creating locations with the same timezone as the account.
  • Fixed an issue with the Financial import not working at all.
  • Financial import not remember fixes for errors you’d previously told it.
  • Creating people from Check-in now correctly subscribes people to SMS if the account is set to do so.
  • When creating a new demographic, sub-demographics can now correctly be created with progressions that start or end at 0 years/months of age.
  • SMS preferences are no longer messed up when doing form submissions for accounts still using email to SMS.
  • The “family contact details” field is now consistent in how it displays data for all family members.