17th October, 2017
  • Added new settings page to allow you to customize your password requirements
  • Added the ability to export a list of tickets of registrant data for events
  • Improved people search in most areas to help assist with typos
  • Adding a song to a service should now remember the settings you used last time
  • Improved the instructions for creating your ViaNett SMS integration
  • Fixed an issue with sending emails and SMS with emoji content
  • Fixed an issue with songs added to a service when not setting a key
  • Fixed a number of issues where the text editor wasn’t saving certain content correctly
  • Fixed an issue with searching for people in self check-in when you’d filtered to a location or demographic
  • Fixed an issue with exporting a people view as a snapshot report
3rd October, 2017
  • Improved how hidden photos appear in the member directory
  • Added ‘Edit Multiple Services’ link to the services menu
  • Fixed an issue with family statistics in dashboard widgets
  • Fixed an issue with logged in users details appearing in form submissions incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with merging duplicate profiles
  • Fixed an issue with saving links with brackets in them
  • Fixed an issue with exporting school grade and people category fields
  • Fixed an issue with the volunteer follow up emails requiring the user to login
19th September, 2017
  • Form admins can now preview un-published forms
  • Improved handling of members who have chosen to hide their photo from the member directory
  • Improved translation of check-in search text
  • Fixed an issue with exporting the school grade or people category display field to PDF
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate roster requests appearing on the roster and app
  • Fixed an issue where searching for invoice numbers in the event list wasn’t working correctly
  • Fixed an issue with song files in the wrong key were appearing in the roster and media player
  • Fixed an issue with closing the “Add Transaction” window
  • Fixed an issue with certain roster emails requiring users to log in
  • Fixed an issue with printing calendars
  • Fixed an issue with the admin area calculating event invoice discounts incorrectly in some instances
  • Fixed an issue with embedded calendar events not linking to registration forms correctly
21st August, 2017
  • Added “My Family” view to the roster
  • Rebuilt the media player in the roster and songs area
  • Sending a test email or SMS now appends [TEST] to the subject or message
  • Improved translation of self check-in search text
  • Improved layout of the roster including the grouping of lyrics and chords
  • Creating a new report now uses the default fields to display
  • Changed “Print” to “Export” when exporting event guests
  • Cleaned up text editor options in various places
  • Fixed an issue with group start/end dates not being validated from the API correctly
  • Fixed an issue with contacting parents from the room attendance report not letting you send an SMS
  • Fixed an issue with songs appearing incorrectly on the roster
  • Fixed an issue calculating the average attendance of a group
  • Fixed an issue with invoices being canceled incorrectly
11th August, 2017
  • Improved date pickers in modal windows across the system
  • Corrected some links pointing to Settings -> Departments
  • Fixed an issue with deleted sub-demographics where appearing in People Views and Reports
  • Fixed an issue with the number of people who can’t be contacted didn’t include people with no contact details
  • Fixed an issue with timing of searches at check-in
  • Fixed an issue with contacting people when using French Translations
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating certain forms
  • Fixed an issue with the Emails and Letter page not locking down correctly
  • Fixed an issue with people being able to decline services when they shouldn’t