What's New

18th April, 2019
  • Users without countries in their volunteering and account tab now correctly show no timezone attached to them as well.
  • The people category highlight colours are now showing up in a few more places that they were missing from.
  • Fixed an issue too many names appearing when adding existing members to an existing family.
  • Fixed an issue with trying to mass manage email preferences.
  • Fixed an issue with accounts that use custom domains being unable to use the Recaptcha on guest registration.
  • Fixed an issue with users being unable to log into the mobile app.
  • Fixed an issue with replying to a service plan item comment if the original comment was deleted.
12th April, 2019
  • Improved layout of options when generating a People Notes report
  • Lined up the Role in the list of Step Admins
  • When submitting a registration form, the Register button can no longer be clicked if a payment method needs to be selected
  • Improved consistency of the Family Members Names field appearance
  • When songs are added with charts from SongSelect we now create the keys and attach files to keys in a nicer manner to before
  • Improved behaviour of changing start and end times of events
  • Fixed an issue with the Songs to Learn icon giving notifications incorrectly for Super Admins
  • Fixed an issue with forms accepting invalid phone numbers
  • Fixed an issue where note categories appeared to be selected when adding multiple notes, but the categories were not saved
  • Fixed an issue with some demographics not loading correctly
  • Fixed an issue with mass managing people into specific people flows
  • Fixed an issue with people being unable to mass manage form submissions
  • Fixed an issue with the Groups section of people’s sidebards not appearing correctly for some people
  • Fixed an issue with Event Registration forms not showing the Register button when a 100% discount code was used
  • Fixed an issue with Event Registration forms requiring phone number of billing contacts
5th April, 2019
  • Added the ability to filter songs by a BPM range, or by song key when viewing the list of songs, and when adding songs to a service.
  • Added some extra placeholders to the “Notify Reports To Person” email templates.
  • Added an advanced search filter for “Parents with children of specific gender”.
  • Added the ability for an account to be set to allow primary/spouse within a family to submit unavailability for the entire family at once.
  • Improved how the “Date of Birth” and “Anniversary” fields operate when tabbing through a persons profile.
  • Fixed an issue with swap requests being accepted after roster request was declined.
  • Fixed an issue with swap/replace requests displayed in the wrong timezone.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t save the number zero in custom fields in peoples profiles.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Family Contact Details” field wasn’t displaying data correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Add another person” custom text in form embeds not coming through.
  • Fixed an issue with groups not appearing in the mobile app for non-admins.
  • Fixed an issue with names not sorting correctly when submitting group attendance.
  • Fixed an issue with custom reports not sorting correctly when exported.
  • Fixed an issue with automatically emailed reports not exporting correctly.
29th March, 2019
  • Form submissions can now be individually exported, or you can select specific submissions to export from the list of submissions.
  • Added a number of options to mass managing service teams.
  • The “Submit” button for forms is now disabled after a user has submitted it, preventing people from accidentally submitting multiple times.
  • The “Assets” checkbox no longer shows for events if the account doesn’t have assets to choose from.
  • Re-added the text for the “Add Refund” button for event registrations.
  • The “Print Songs” options no longer appears for services that have no songs connected.
  • Improved various breadcrumbs not liking apostrophes in names of things.
  • We no longer allow Feb 29th as a valid date when setting school grade progression.
  • Fixed an edge case issue with our group reminders going out when they’re not meant to (for reminders set at 120 and 119 hours after meeting).
  • Fixed an issue where archived groups appeared when setting up people flow step actions when they shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed an issue with apostrophes in names appeared incorrectly when scheduling notes.
  • Fixed an issue where search for groups with – in their name wouldn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue with the People Flow Steps Detail report wasn’t sorting correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a person as a group leader wouldn’t display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on files the navigation menu wouldn’t open in new tabs as it should.
  • Fixed an issue with saving certain addresses for groups was giving a server error.
  • Fixed an issue with sub-steps appearing when adding a person into a people flow with entry points setup.
  • Fixed an issue with the Group Attendance Summary report not filtering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with our financial import tool not handling the & character correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with editing a scheduled person who had declined via unavailability.
  • Fixed an issue with the Room Attendance check-in report showing the service date/time in the wrong timezone.
27th March, 2019
  • Added ability to set a default song length under Settings > Songs, that is used when adding new songs to the account.
  • New templates added for handling SMS Replies if the sender has no email address.
  • The contact people window no longer allows you to schedule an email/sms for a date in the past.
  • Fixed an issue with access to adding/removing people to groups via mass manage.
  • Fixed an issue with assigning people to step admins in flows with entry points set up.
  • Fixed an issue with creating locations with the same timezone as the account.
  • Fixed an issue with the Financial import not working at all.
  • Financial import not remember fixes for errors you’d previously told it.
  • Creating people from Check-in now correctly subscribes people to SMS if the account is set to do so.
  • When creating a new demographic, sub-demographics can now correctly be created with progressions that start or end at 0 years/months of age.
  • SMS preferences are no longer messed up when doing form submissions for accounts still using email to SMS.
  • The “family contact details” field is now consistent in how it displays data for all family members.